Sozopol is a coastal town with a rich history and culture and is 32 km south of Bougas. It is situated on a rocky peninsula. There are two islands near Sozopol. The bigger one is called Saint Ivan and is a natural reserve. There is a lighthouse on the island with the ruins of an ancient monastery near it. Saint Ivan is uninhabited.

It is considered that in 610 B.C. there was a village called  Apollonia on the territory of Sozopol. The town was named in the honour of the god Apollo. After Christianity was accepted the town was renamed. Its new name was and still is Sozopol. Preserved in the Old town of Sozopol are the ruins of old churches and the wall, which protected the town. During the Ottoman slavery  the Bulgarians weren’t allowed to build churches higher than a Turk on his horse.


Lots of old houses are preserved in the Old town of Sozopol. Most of them are part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage. When you walk among these houses, along the stone streets of the Old town, you can feel the spirit of the town.The seaport of Sozopol is in the Old town too.

Every year in September the Festival of arts Apollonia takes place, which attracts many visitors in Sozopol.