There are two beaches in Sozopol:

- the Harmanite beach, which is the biggest one. Its surface is 40 000 m2 and it is covered with fine sand. The Harmanite beach is situated in the New town of Sozopol, near one of the main streets. There are lots of discos, restaurants and water slide.



- the Central beach is in the Old Town of Sozopol. Its surface is 18 000 m2.



In addition there are some other beaches which are just several kilometers away from Sozopol:

- the Kavatzite beach it is 4 km away from the town (to the south) and is much bigger. Its surface is 96 000 m2.

- the Golden fish beach/ the royal beach, which is 3 km northwards from Sozopol. The bay is very calm and the sea is really shallow.

- Camping Gradina 4 km away from Sozopol.

- Camping Chernomoretz 6 km away from Sozopol.